10 Things To Do When You’re Having a Rubbish Day

For reasons that are mostly outside of my control, the last few days have been unbelievably frustrating, tiring, draining and upsetting. Boo! It’s hard when something bursts your bubble, but there are some ways I’m getting my mojo back.

1.  Bake bread. Or cupcakes. Or apple crumble. I like that with bread you can knead your frustrations out, and it’s wholesome and real. There is something wonderful about working with live yeast and turning it into bread – I highly recommend it. But whatever takes your fancy, baking is therapeutic.

2.  Thrift shop. Second-hand shopping is brilliantly green; not only is it cheap but you’re giving a product a whole second life. Today I bought 16 children’s books for $8. Mila has no idea the books are not new – she’s just stoked she has more photos of kittens and puppies than ever.

3.  Tidy your house. Bear with me! I know that housework doesn’t exactly put a smile on everyone’s face. But a tidy house is a lot less stressful to be in than a messy one. It is easier to feel calm and centered in a tidy space. Just dive in somewhere. Clean one room you spend a lot of time in (e.g., the living room) and just put the mess into another room if you really can’t face it.

4. Write. A letter, an email, a journal, a blog. Just vent away. It doesn’t matter if you never post a letter or someone never reads it.

5. Go outside. And please don’t take your i-phone with you. Mila and I went for a walk in the rain today, her gumboots poking out of the waterproof pram cover while I pounded the footpath and held imagined arguments in my head. Fresh air does a body good. And it does a soul good too, for that matter.

6. Read something inspiring. Or something funny. Or a trashy magazine. Distract yourself with words.

7. Get off Facebook. I have learned recently that having all your friends intimately involved in your life via online connections – and being used to all day, everyday contact with those friends via Facebook – can get pretty toxic. Switch off and engage with people face to face. Or enjoy your solitude. On Facebook, you’re not really alone and you’re not really in company. Rejoin the real world and breathe a breath of fresh air.

8. Plant something. If you have nothing to plant, weed. Get those fingers in the soil. Getting dirt under your fingernails is a good way to calm down. If you have no garden, consider buying a planter and some soil and seedlings. You could also buy a potplant or a bunch of flowers.

9. Drink tea. Better for you than coffee, and you can have a whole teapot’s worth without jumping off the walls. Don’t rush around while you drink; be present with your cup of tea.

10. Forgive. I’m not there yet, but it is worth putting on the list. It is much easier to let go and move on and be happy when you accept what has happened and release all those pent up feelings back into the atmosphere. At least try not to be bitter. We are all really lucky for something in our lives. Celebrate whatcha got.


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